Justin Timberlake feat. T.I. - My Love (Remixes)

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Angello & Ingrosso Mix
Black Moon Electro Mix
Hani's Ibiza Is Burning Radio Mix
Kolostas Electro Mix
Linus Loves MIx
Paul Oakenfold Club Mix
Paul Oakenfold Radio Mix
Poker Face Remix
Rene Goulets Mix
RNM Project Mix
Sticky Count The Money Mix

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Timbaland Remixes

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Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson & D.O.E. - The Way I Are (Remixes)

Alexander & Mark Vdh Mix
Axwell Original Mix
BakDraft Remix
Bryan Reyes Club Mix
DJ TheRave Tribal Dub
Hopeless Remix
Private Tool Club Mix
Richard Vission Club Mix
Sam998899s ScaryTim Club Mix
Sam998899s Scary Tim Radio Mix
The Icons Club Mix
Tony Arzadon Club Mix
Willy DeeJay Remix
Yuri Dee Vocal Mix

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Timbaland feat. Justin Timberlake & Nelly Furtado - Give It To Me (Remixes)

Bert's Piano Man Dub
Bert's Piano Man Radio Mix
E-Thunder Hard & Nervous Gay Pride Mix
Funked Off DJ's Mix
Jones & Joey C. Vibelicious Club Mix
Patrick Vee Remix
Ranny's Big Room Mix

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Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around ... Comes Around (Remixes)

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Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel Eyes (Remixes)

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I Like Kelly, but this song us really awesome, better than any track from her,
this the another versions from Behind the Hazel Eyes.. Enjoy it

Ananyi's Hit Radio Mix
Ananyi's Indigo Dreamer Mix
Ananyi's Looking Deeper Mix

Ander Standing Nervous Edit
Ander Standing Nervous Mix

Beat Gangsta Remix
Bruno Bannanai Remix
BT Remix

Club Mix

Dark Wolf Cheeba Mix
Dark Wolf Club Mix
Dark Wolf Radio Mix

DJ MichaelAngelo's Extended Drama Mix
DJ MichaelAngelo's Drama Mix

DJ Nektor Remix
DJ Wolfy Remix
DJ Yoav Club Mix
DJ Yups Pink Eye Mix
Dropheadz Summer Mix

E Winter Radio Mix
Edson Pride Unreleased Mix
Extreme Remix

Freddy Hawk Remix

Hardbounce Remix

Harrington's Club Mix
Harrington's Dub Mix

Hypersnap Radio Edit
Hypersnap Remix

Joe Bermudez & Josh Harris Mixshow
Joe Bermudez & Josh Harris Remix
Joe Bermudez & Josh Harris Top 40 Radio Mix

Mynt Remix

N Traxx Remix

Orangefuzzz Eye Contact Radio Mix
Orangefuzzz Walnut Club Mix

Raindropz! Radio Mix
Raindropz! Remix

Robboz Remix

Schranz Bootleg Mix

Shpankdankerous Club Mix
Shpankdankerous Mixshow
Shpankdankerous Radio Mix
Shpank's Bounce House Club Mix
Shpank's Bounce House Radio Mix

Sir-Chen's Global Mixshow
Sir-Chen's Radio Mix

Solar Sun Anthem Club Mix
Solar Sun Anthem Radio Mix

Speedbreaker Remix

The Real Booty Babes Remix

Trypsin Club Mix
Trypsin Radio Mix

Verano Sample Mix

ZAX Richard X Mash

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Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss Me (Lenny B. Club Mix)

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Another Great Remix from famous song,
especially in Indonesia, i hope you like it

Click on the Picture to download


Celine Dion - Eyes On Me (Remix ft. Wil-i-am) [Live]

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Blake Lewis - Audio Day Dream [LP]

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Download: MP3 Album / AirRockStar Cover Art
Password: http://www.uhlikethat.com/

Track Listing:
1. Silence Is Golden... (Intro)
2. Break Anotha
3. Got's To Get Her
4. Know My Name ft. Lupe Fiasco
5. How Many Words
6. Surrender
7. Hate 2 Love Her
8. Without You
9. Here's My Hello
10. What’cha Got 2 Lose?
11. She's Makin' Me Lose It
12. Bshorty Grabs Mic! (Interlude)
13. End Of The World
14. 1000 Miles
15. I Got U
16. ...I Choose Noise (Outro)
17. Human (Bonus Track)

OMFG, I freakin' love this album! It's so Fresh & New! I love "She's Makin' Me Lose It" IT'S AMAZING!!! WOW! You are gonna enjoy ADD!



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Janet Jackson-Discipline[Retail]
Here is Janet Jackson's 10th studio album. I was starting to think that this wouldn't leak until real close to the release date. But here is the first Diva releasing her new album this year. This album is her next attempt after her album 20 Y.O. That album didn't do as well as everyone thought it would. This album is full of uptempo, midtempo, and ballads. I really do think that this album is way better then 20 Y.O. Now that album wasn't bad, but this is better. By the way the first single from this album has been going, it does seem that this album will do well. Remember to buy this Feburary 26th!!! ENJOY!!!
1.I.D. (Interlude)
4.Spinnin (Interlude)
6.Bathroom Break (Interlude)
7.Rock With U
9.Can't B Good
10.4 Words (Interlude)
11.Never Letchu Go
12.Truth Or Dare (Interlude)
13.Greatest X
14.Good Morning Janet (Interlude)
15.So Much Betta
16.Play Selection (Interlude)
17.1, The
18.What's Ur Name
19.Meaning, The (Interlude)
21.Back (Interlude)
Download #1:Janet Jackson-Discipline[Retail]
Download #2:Discipline[Retail]


Video American Idol

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Top 24 Photocast

Top 24!

What was it like to be part of the top 24 photoshoot? Find out from the finalists themselves. Right-click to save the video.


Heath in Memoriam

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he Top 12 guys channeled some old souls last night as they tackled songs from the 1960's. For your convenience, we have posted their song choices and the artists below. Make sure to come back after the show, as we will be updating the site the morning after with the Idols' song choice lists. Enjoy!















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Ferras - Hollywood's Not America
Another one I'm late on... If your tunning to American Idol this year you should know who this is. Ferras is a new artist signed to Capital records. He will be dropping his debut album "Aliens & Rainbows" April 1st!! His first single is "Hollywood's Not America" and is also the exit song on Season 7 of AI. It's a nice power ballad and should do very well with the AI promotion. Deff check it out below or just buy it, Enjoy!!

DL:Ferras - Hollywood's Not America
DL Link 2:HERE

Chris Richardson - All Alone
ou may remember Chris from last year on AI he made it to the final 5 and then left. Well since then Chris has been busy at work on his debut album. No word yet if he got sign, but I'm guessing yes. Here we have a newly leaked track rumored to be his first single. "All Alone" is a midtempo Pop/R&B type track with a cacthy chours. Chris has a good voice and hopefully reaches some success. Deff check it out, Enjoy!!

DL:Chris Richardson - All Alone



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L'Arc~en~Ciel - 32nd Single: "Hurry Xmas"

L'Arc~en~Ciel's 32nd single is titled "Hurry Xmas" and its release date is November 14th, 2007.

01. Hurry Xmas
02. I Wish 2007
03. Hurry Xmas (Silent Night version)
04. Hurry Xmas (hydeless version)
05. I Wish 2007 (TETSU P'UNKless version)


Hurry Xmas indeed! Christmas with L'Arc~en~Ciel is over a month early, but I'm not complaining. "Hurry Xmas" is fast-paced and full of holiday spirit. It's a nice blend of orchestra, Swing, and Jazz. Very different from their other works this year.

L'Arc~en~Ciel - 31st Single: "DAYBREAK'S BELL"

L'Arc~en~Ciel's 31st single is titled "DAYBREAK'S BELL" and its release date is October 10th, 2007.

02. 夏の憂鬱 [SEA IN BLOOD 2007]
03. DAYBREAK'S BELL (hydeless version)
04. 夏の憂鬱 [SEA IN BLOOD 2007] (TETSU P'UNKless version)

credit: jpopsuki

The cover is pretty neat; my best guess is that it's a rendition of the journey of Odysseus and his encounter with the Sirens. I don't know what that "thing" in the water is though (a crystal bra perhaps?)... Anyway, I like the overall mood in "DAYBREAK'S BELL"; it's semi-dark with a hint of ethereal quality. However, it's not as memorable as their last single "MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM". The chorus is by far the most 'alluring' part of the song; the rest is just okay. "夏の憂鬱[SEA IN BLOOD 2007]" heads toward a more heavy metal approach, but with less screaming. Screaming's really not my thing, but they don't do it that often which is fine with me.


Britney Spears - Break the Ice (Unofficial Mixes)

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Cosmix Electrocuted Club Mix
Cosmix Electrocuted Radio Edit

EJ Dance Mix
EJ Dance Instrumental
EJ Dance Edit
EJ Dance Edit Instrumental

KGR's Retro 808 Mix*
JJM's Chilly Radio Edit

Sam's Frozen Club Mix
Sam's Frozen Radio Edit
Sam's Frozen Radio Instrumental


Ken Hirai - 28th Single: "キャンバス/君はス・テ・キ♡"

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"キャンバス/君はス・テ・キ♡" is Hirai Ken's 28th single and first double A-side single. It is the lead-in release to Hirai's new album which releases on March 12th 2008. The main song is the ending theme to Fuji TV's Hachimitsu to Clover dorama based in a popular manga. It has been decribed as a pop-ballad and was written and composed by Hirai Ken himself and arranged by Tomita Keichi, just like Ring some years ago. The B-side Cry&Smile!! was used as the Knorr Cup Soup CM song.

Originally two versions of the single were planned for release, a limited edition with a bonus track (DFCL-1400) (presumably Canvas (piano version)) and a regular version (DFCL-1401), both costing ¥1,223; however closer to the release date the regular version was scrapped in favour all copies having the bonus track and being non-limited.

01. キャンバス, Canvas
02. 君はス・テ・キ♡, kimi wa su.te.ki
03. Cry&Smile!!
04. キャンバス(piano version), Canvas
05. キャンバス(Instrumental), Canvas
06. 君はス・テ・キ(Instrumental), kimi wa su.te.ki


credit: LuvYa@jpopsuki

V.A - Compilation Album: "TRIBUTE TO Celine Dion"

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"TRIBUTE TO Celine Dion" is a Japan only tribute album for Canadian diva, Céline Dion. The compilation features a multitude of Japanese domestic artists (mostly from Sony) covering Dion songs. melody.'s rendition of That's the Way It Is was originally announced to appear on the album as track 10, but it was later removed for unknown reasons. The album also features a DVD with the music video for K featuring aki's version of To Love You More.

Interestingly, two of the songs covered on the album are not original Dion songs, but ones that she has covered. They are Jennifer Rush's The Power of Love and Pandora's Box's It's All Coming Back to Me Now.

The cover is an anime version of the cover of Dion's All the Way... A Decade of Song best album. All of the songs from this tribute album (except for The Prayer) appear on the Japanese edition of All the Way.

01. MY HEART WILL GO ON - 伊藤由奈
02. TO LOVE YOU MORE - K (featuring aki)
07. IMMORTALITY - Lyrico
09. I'M YOUR ANGEL - 加藤ミリヤ&清水翔太
10. THE PRAYER - 平原綾香


Old Review:
First of all, I happen to be a fan of Celine Dion. I don't care what anyone says, but she's undeniably one of the best female vocalists ever. Thus, I was super curious as to how this tribute album would sound. Thank goodness they chose artists that have decent english; some of them still have a slight accent, but it's withstand-able. Yuna Ito is an excellent choice to sing "My Heart Will Go On", so I'm satisfied with the result. SOULHEAD is a weird choice to sing "Beauty and The Beast", given that they're a hip-hop female duo, and the song is meant to be a male-female duet. Yet, somehow they managed to pull it off. The only song I have a problem with is "To Love You More". One, it's sung by a guy with plain vocals (and an accent...), and two, they turned it into a Jazz song. The original version is so emotional and powerful, and they dumbed it down so much. Otherwise, these are great renditions of the original versions, but Celine's version will of course, remain forever superior.
Personal Favorites: 1,3,4,5,8,9


Kanye West - Stronger (AD Remixes)

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AD Remix Extended
AD Remix Main
AD Remix Radio Cut
A Trak Remix

Download Here



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Funkateria Mix
Future Presidents Mix

Groove Connection Club Mix
Groove Connection Radio Edit

Jason Nevins Club Mix
Jason Nevins Dub
Jason Nevins Mixshow
Jason Nevins Radio Edit

Johnny Vicious & DJ Escape Club Mix
Johnny Vicious & DJ Escape Radio Edit

Jonathan Peters Club Mix
Jonathan Peters Dub
Jonathan Peters Radio Edit

Julian Bunetta Mix

Mike Rizzo Club Mix
Mike Rizzo Radio Edit

Pokerface Club Mix
Pokerface Radio Edit

Ralphi Rosario Big Dub
Ralphi Rosario Big Radio Edit

Sebastien Leger Club Mix
Sebastien Leger Radio Edit

Sam's Ticking Club Mix
Sam's Ticking Radio Edit
Sam's Ticking Radio Instrumental

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Earth, Wind And Fire REMIX

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Earth, Wind And Fire VS Bimbo Jones - Boogie Wonderland

Bimbo Jones 12 Inch Version
Bimbo Jones Radio Edit
Dagger Dub
Original Version



Oakenfold Ft. Pharrell Williams - Sex N Money (Remixes)

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Only for Clubbers..
This is such an awesome track! Sex N Money is a sexy funky track produced by one of the biggest names in electronica, DJ Paul Oakenfold. This track features Pharrell Williams, and will definitely get you moving. Get this while its hot!

Benny Benassi Pump Kin Club Mix
Benny Benassi Pump Kin Dub Mix
Beny Benassi Radio Edit

Kenneth Thomas Distorted Values Mix
Nat Monday Mix

Original Mix
Original Radio Edit

Download Here


Alicia Keys - Like You'll Never See Me Again (Seiji Mixes) [OFFICIAL]

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Oh My God.. i like this track. must have!!!!
but don't forget to buy the original one's


Janet - FeedBack (Cajjmere Wray Mixes)

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Britney - Rock In Rio Concert Video 2001

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