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Chris Cornell (born Christopher John Boyle on July 20, 1964) is an American rock musician best known as the lead singer and songwriter for rock bands Soundgarden (1984–1997) and Audioslave (2001–2007). He was the founder and frontman for Temple of the Dog, the one-off tribute band dedicated to his former roommate, Andrew Wood, and he has released two solo albums, Euphoria Morning (1999) and Carry On (2007). His third solo album, Scream (2008) is set for release October 14th and is to be produced by American hip-hop record producer, composer, and rapper, Timbaland.
Here's five songs off that album which is due on October 14th!!
1. Watch Out
2. Scream
3. Never Far Away
4. Ground Zero
5. Long Gone

David Cook - Light On

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Britney Spears ; Womanizer Remix

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Mariah Carey- Remixes

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Album Mix

DJ VnO Club Mix
DJ VnO Radio Edit

LipeHall Club Mix
LipeHall Radio Edit
Tony Moran Club Mix
Tony Moran Radio Edit


Jennifer Hudson - Jennifer Hudson

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This is Jennifer Hudson's debut album "Jennifer Hudson" including the single "Spotlight". This deluxe edition includes a bonus track.

Track Listing:
  1. Spotlight
  2. If This Isn't Love
  3. Pocketbook
  4. Giving Myself
  5. What's Wrong (Go Away)
  6. My Heart
  7. You Pulled Me Through
  8. I'm His Only Woman
  9. Can't Stop the Rain
  10. We Gon' Fight
  11. Invisible
  12. And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going
  13. Jesus Promised Me A Home Over There
Bonus Track:
  1. All Dressed In Love
Download Here:


The PussyCat Dolls Feat. Missy E. - Whatcha Think About That [Promo CDS]

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The PussyCat Dolls Feat. Missy E. - Whatcha Think About That [Promo CDS]
The Album "Doll Domination" dropped this week, and this is the second single
produced by Polow Da Don with the collaboration of Missy Elliott, the song is
not doing an amazing job on the charts, but I hope it gets stronger when they
release the music video, the promo includes a remix by Darckchild, so NJOY.

Track List:
01. Whatcha Think About That (Acappella)
02. Whatcha Think About That (Main Hybrid Remix)
03. Whatcha Think About That (Insrumental Hybrid Remix)
04. Whatcha Think About That (Darckchild Remix Aka. Urban Remix)
05. Whatcha Think About That (Darckchild Remix Instrumental)



New Single : The Killers & James Morrison

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The Killers - Human
The group is currently working on their third album "Day & Age", is set to be
released November 25, the first single is "Human", produced by Stuart Price,
I like the new sound, just like Brandon Flowers described "Human" as like Johnny
Cash meets the Pet Shop Boys, it will be available on iTunes on September 30!
DL: Human

James Morrison Feat. Nelly Furtado - Broken Strings
James became a huge hit around Europe, Autralia & Japan, after the release of
his debut album "Undiscovered", and now he's ready to release his second album
"Songs For You, Truth For Me" due for release on September 29, the song is one
of my favorites, the collaboration of Nelly is really good, her voice sounds great.



Panic At The Disco - AT&T Blue Room Acoustics

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01 - Nine In The Afternoon (Acoustic)
02 - But It's Better If You Do (Acoustic)
03 - Do You Know What I'm Seeing? (Acoustic)
04 - That Green Gentleman (Acoustic)
05 - I Have Friends In Holy Spaces (Acoustic)
06 - I Write Sins Not Tragedies (Acoustic)
07 - When The Day Met The Night (Acoustic)



Destiny's Child - Soldier (Single)

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01 Soldier (Album Version)
02 Soldier (Grizz Blackmarket Remix)
03 Soldier (Bizarre Remix)
04 Soldier (Maurice's Nu Soul Mix)
05 Soldier (Danny Howells & Dick Trevor's Kinkyfunk Mix)



Mika - Love Today

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01 Love Today (Eric Kupper Extended Vocal Mix)
02 Love Today (Eric Kupper Dub)
03 Love Today (Eric Kupper Remix Radio Edit)
04 Love Today (Eric Kupper Switch Remix)


Jordin Sparks - One Step At A Time

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Main Version
Grayson Remix
Nevins Radio Mix
Rizzo Funk Generation Club Mix
Tonal Remix

Download Here!

Kanye West - Love Lockdown

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Avril Lavigne - The Best Damn Tour Live In Toronto (2008)

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Avril Lavigne - The Best Damn Tour Live In Toronto (2008)
The Best Damn Tour - Live in Toronto is a live music DVD from Avril Lavigne’s “Best Damn Tour”, recorded in Toronto, Canada on April 7.It was released on September 9, 2008 in North America and on September 5, 2008 in Europe.

[Track List]

1. Intro 1:28

2. Girlfriend 3:57

3. I Can Do Better 4:31

4. Complicated 4:20

5. My Happy Ending 5:20
6. I’m With You 4:02

7. I Always Get What I Want 3:35

8. Best Damn Dance Break 1:27

9. When You’re Gone 3:53

10.Innocenc 2:29

11.Don’t Tell Me 2:08

12.Hot 3:20

13.Losing Grip 2:14

14.Bad Reputation Video Montage 2:44

15.Everything Back But You 4:03

16.Avril On Drums 3:03

17.The Best Damn Thing 5:02

18.I Don’t Have To Try 3:19

19.He Wasn’t 5:40

20.Girlfriend (Remix) 2:17

21.Sk8er Boi 5:40


The PussyCat Dolls - Doll Domination (Deluxe Edition)

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The PussyCat Dolls - Doll Domination (Deluxe Edition) [Retail]

Track List:
1. When I Grow Up
2. Bottle Pop (featuring Snoop Dogg)
3. Whatcha Think About That (featuring Missy Elliot)
4. I Hate This Part
5. Takin' Over the World
6. Out of This Club (featuring R. Kelly & Polow Da Don)
7. Who's Gonna Love You
8. Happily Never After
9. Magic
10. Halo
11. In Person
12. Elevator
13. Hush Hush
14. Love the Way You Love Me
15. Whatchamacallit
16. I'm Done


Track List:
01. Jessica Sutta - If I Was A Man
02. Melody Thornton - Space
03. Kimberly Wyatt - Don't Wanna Fall In Love
04. Ashley Roberts - Played
05. Nicole Scherzinger - Until U Love U
06. Lights, Camera, Action Feat. New Kids On The Block (Bonus Track)
07. Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps (Bonus Track)



Fashion Rocks 2008 [ HQ Performances]

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Beyonce - At Last - live
Format: AVI (HQ - high quality)
File Size: 69.4 MB
Duration: 4:16 min
Download: High Quality

Black Eyed Peas - Miss You - live
Format: AVI (HQ - high quality)
File Size: 71.4 MB
Duration: 4:24 min
Download: High Quality

Chris Brown - Cupid & Forever - live
Format: AVI (HQ - high quality)
File Size: 88.5 MB
Duration: 5:27 min
Download: High Quality

Duffy - Mercy - live
Format: AVI (HQ - high quality)
File Size: 62.0 MB
Duration: 3:49 min
Download: High Quality

Fergie & Debbie Harry - Call Me - live
Format: AVI (HQ - high quality)
File Size: 53.6 MB
Duration: 3:18 min
Download: High Quality

Justin Timberlake - Got To Give It Up - live
Format: AVI (HQ - high quality)
File Size: 48.9 MB
Duration: 3:01 min
Download: High Quality

Kid Rock & Mary J Blige -
(I Know) I'm Losing You - live

Format: AVI (HQ - high quality)
File Size: 49.3 MB
Duration: 3:02 min
Download: High Quality

Justin Timberlake & Beyonce -
Ain't Nothin' Like The Real Thing - live

Format: AVI (HQ - high quality)
File Size: 44.2 MB
Duration: 2:43 min
Download: High Quality

Mariah Carey -
I'm That Chick - live

Format: AVI (HQ - high quality)
File Size: 71.474.0 MB
Duration: 4:34 min
Download: High Quality

Rihanna - Vogue - live
Format: AVI (HQ - high quality)
File Size: 69.1 MB
Duration: 4:15 min
Download: High Quality

Solange - I Decided - live
Format: AVI (HQ - high quality)
File Size: 65.7 MB
Duration: 4:03 min
Download: High Quality

Timbaland, OneRepublic, Chris Cornell, & Pussycat Dolls
- Apologize, Scream, When I Grow Up - live

Format: AVI (HQ - high quality)
File Size: 117.0 MB
Duration: 7:14 min
Download: High Quality

"Just Stand Up" - live
Format: AVI (HQ - high quality)
File Size: 69.4 MB
Duration: 4:17 min
Download: High Quality



Jay-Z & T.I. Feat. Kanye West & Lil' Wayne - Swagga Like Us [Promo CDS]

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Jay-Z & T.I. Feat. Kanye West & Lil' Wayne - Swagga Like Us [Promo CDS]
"Swagga Like Us" released as the first single from Jay-Z's eleventh studio album
"The Blueprint 3" and also appears on T.I.'s sixth studio album "Paper Trail", The
song features Kanye West & Lil' Wayne, the song also contains a sample from
M.I.A.'s hit song "Paper Planes", this is an amazing track, should be a hit soon.

Clean, Dirty, Instrumental.


Ne-Yo : Bonus Track

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Ne-Yo - Year Of The Gentleman [Bonus Tracks / CD RIP]
Ne-Yo's thrid album "Year Of The Gentleman" alredy leaked on the web, here
you have 2 exclusive bonus tracks from the Japanese version of the album, I
don't have too much time to hear the full album right now, but this two bonus
are cool, I think is the best album by Ne-Yo so far, even if I still need to play it

Track List:
01 What's The Matter
02 She Got Her Own (Feat. Jamie Foxx & Fabolous)
Aka. Miss Independent Part II.


DL: Year Of The Gentleman [Bonus Tracks / CD RIP]

Cotto's Can't Stop Club Mix
Cotto's Can't Stop Radio Mix
Cotto's Club Mix
Cotto's Radio Mix
Stonebridge Club Mix
Stonebridge Dub
Stonebridge Radio Mix
Subkulcha Club Mix
Subkulcha House Edit
Subkulcha House Mix
Subkulcha Radio Mix

Mediafire Folder


NICK* Remix : Mariah Carey and Rihanna

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Nick* Remix
Nick* Remix Instrumental



Nick* Remix
Nick* Old School Remix
Nick* Instrumental Mix
Nick* Old School Instrumental


Carrie Underwood - The First Studio Sessions

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I just found this. I haven't listened to any of the songs yet, but I thought I would post. :)

  1. Romeo Boy
  2. Don't Talk About Love
  3. Unchained Melody
  4. Amen
  5. Hopes and Dreams
  6. Count Me In
  7. I'd Rather Ride Around With You
  8. Phones Are Ringin'
  9. Emotional Girl
  10. Someone Else's Girl
  11. You Walked All Over Me
  12. Maybe He'll Notice Her Now
  13. Heads Carolina, Tails California
  14. You Can Feel Bad If It Makes You Feel Better
  15. God Bless the USA
  16. Amazing Grace


Kristy Lee Cook- Why Wait

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Track Listing:

1. 15 Minutes Of Shame 3:03
2. Why Wait 3:17
3. Like My Mother Does 4:06
4. Hoping To Find 4:04
5. Baby Believe 4:20
6. Not Tonight 3:34
7. Plant The Seed 3:23
8. I Think Too Much 3:12
9. Homesick 3:28
10. God Bless The USA 3:31

:: Download ::
Kristy Lee Cook - Why Wait [Retail]
:: Download ::

David Archuleta - Crush Video

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Just Stand Up! Live (Video) Re-Uploaded

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Christina Aguilera - "Keeps Gettin Better" Re-Upload

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Here is the first single from Christina Aguilera called "Keeps Gettin Better" and the official cover for it. She will also be performing at the VMA's on Sunday night. Enjoy!!!!


Christina Aguilera: Click to watch

LEFT: Britney during "Toxic" for the opening of
her Onyx Hotel Tour in Maimi. - March 28, 2004.
RIGHT: Christina Aguilera during "Genie In A Bottle Remix"
at the Video Music Awards. - September 07, 2008.

After entering a hair line of vision and clearly copied of the singing revelation Lady GaGa,

and besides having identical choreographies to the performances of the subject Just Dance

of the same singer, the international press also found a similarity with Britney Spears

in one of his shows.

The first clothes of the Onyx Tour Hotel practically have identical details

to the clothes that Christina use in its performance - it is what TMZ says,

PS: Her New Song Remains me of "Radar" from Britney



BRITNEY'S BACK BITCH : VMA 2008 Performance

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Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle / Keeps Gettin' Better
DL: Here
P!nk - So What
DL: Here
T.I. Feat. Rihanna - Whatever You Like / Live Your Life
Rihanna - Disturbia
DL: Here
Kanye West - Love Lockdown
DL: Here
Paramore - Misery Business
DL: Here
Lil Wayne Feat. Leona Lewis & T-Pain - (Misunderstood) A Mili / Got Money
DL: Here

Leona Lewis Performance

Jason Mraz - Live At EBS Space (iPod Video & MP3 Audio)

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01 - Wordplay
02 - Nobody Likes Me / You And I Both
03 - The Remedy (I Won't Worry)
04 - Please Don't Tell Her
05 - Geek Is The Pink
06 - Life Is Wonderful
07 - I'm Yours


Jason Mraz - Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jason Mraz - EP

This small live set was recorded on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" way back right before Mraz's second studio album "Mr. A-Z" was released. This was at one time available on iTunes but until very recently it is no longer available.

  1. The Remedy (I Won't Worry)
  2. I'll Do Anything
  3. Common Pleasure
Download: "Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jason Mraz - EP"

Jason Mraz - Geekin' Out Across the Galaxy - EP

Thats basically what Jason Mraz is, one ordinary geek. But, he's a geek who you just gotta love. His personality is so funny and he's someone who absolutely enjoys every moment of life. He may be a geek, but he's geek that many of us have come to love. This EP was at one time available on iTunes and until very recently is no longer available. I definitely recommend the remix of "Geek in the Pink."

  1. Galaxy (Live)
  2. Keep On Hoping (Featuring Raul Midon) [Live]
  3. Mr. Curiosity (Live)
  4. On Love, In Sadness (Live)
  5. Wordplay (Live)
  6. Geek in the Pink (Phil Tan Remix)

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours (Video Clip)



Natasha Bedingfield - WalMart Soundcheck! & Today Show

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1 Love Like This
2 Pocketful Of Sunshine
3 Put Your Arms Around Me
4 Soulmate
5 These Words
6 Unwritten


Natasha Bedingfield - Pocketful Of Sunshine (Today Show)


Natasha Bedingfield - Angel (Today Show)



Rihanna - WalMart Soundcheck!

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1 Shut Up And Drive
2 Umbrella
3 Hate That I Love You
4 Unfaithful
5 Let Me


Rihanna - Hate That I Love You (Feat. David Bisbal - Live )


Madonna - Heartbeat [feat.Nicole Scherzinger]

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Here is a fanmade remix of Madonna's new song Heartbeat featuring Nicole Scherzinger ! I love it ! Enjoy !!!

HEARTBEAT [feat. Nicole]

Here is the original demo of Madonna's song Heartbeat, recorded by Pharrelll Williams featuring Nicole Scherzinger ! I love it! Enjoy guys!


Kenna - Rockaway Life [feat. Justin Timberlake]

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Kenna’s album Make Sure They See My Face
just came out in the UK with Two Bonus Tracks including “Big Lights feat. Pharrell”
(Produced By The Neptunes) and a new version of Rockaway Life feat. Justin Timberlake !



Candice Nelson - Radar [Demo]

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The Pussycats Dolls- Wall-Mart Soundcheck Concert

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Don't Cha
I Hate This Part Right Here
Take Over The World
When I Grow Up



Daniel Powter [New Album] - Under The Radar

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Buy it on September 16th. Enjoy!!!!

Track Listing:

1. Best Of Me
2. Not Coming Back
3. Whole World Around
4. Next Plane Home
5. Am I Still The One
6. Negative Fashion
7. Don't Give Up
8. Fly Away
9. Beauty Queen
10. My So Called Life
11. Love You Lately
12. Bay Day (Live In Vienna) (UK Exclusive)

:: Download ::
Daniel Powter - Under The Rader
:: Download ::