Carrie Underwood - The First Studio Sessions

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I just found this. I haven't listened to any of the songs yet, but I thought I would post. :)

  1. Romeo Boy
  2. Don't Talk About Love
  3. Unchained Melody
  4. Amen
  5. Hopes and Dreams
  6. Count Me In
  7. I'd Rather Ride Around With You
  8. Phones Are Ringin'
  9. Emotional Girl
  10. Someone Else's Girl
  11. You Walked All Over Me
  12. Maybe He'll Notice Her Now
  13. Heads Carolina, Tails California
  14. You Can Feel Bad If It Makes You Feel Better
  15. God Bless the USA
  16. Amazing Grace


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  1. Anonim 6 April 2013 05.18
    Hi there! I was wondering if it's possible for you to reupload the album? I recently came across it and it looks like it's been deleted off the web. Your blog is the best chance I've come across. :)
    Or if you can e-mail it to me, my e-mail is

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