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01. Next Plane Home
02. Best of Me (Demo Version)
03. Free Loop (Form Studio A)

Daniel Powter - Next Plane Home (Promo CD)


01. Viva La Vida
02. Death Will Never Conquer

Coldplay - Viva La Vida (Promo CDS)


1. Cosmic Girl (Radio Edit)
2. Slipin 'N' Slidin
3. Digital Vibrations
4. Cosmic Girl (Classic Radio Mix)

Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl CDM (1996)


1. Last Christmas
2. Last Christmas (Pudding Mix)
3. Everything She Wants

Wham! - Last Christmas (Maxi Single)


1. Step By Step (12" Club Version)
2. Step By Step (7" Version)
3. Step By Step (Instrumental)
4. Valentine Girl

New Kids On The Block - Step By Step CDM (1990)


1. Pop Edit
2. Radio Edit With Acapella End
3. LP Version
4. Instrumental Version

Boyz II Men - End Of The Road (Maxi Single)


Jason Mraz - Return of Jason Mraz

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Jason Mraz - Got It Covered

01. Stand By Me (Ben E. King)
02. The Joker (Steve Miller Band)
03. Billie Jean (Michael Jackson)
04. Summer Breeze (Seals And Crofts)
05. Rocket Man (Elton John)
06. One Love (Bob Marley)
07. Unravel (Bjork)
08. Beautiful (Christina Aquilera)
09. Rainbow Connection (Kermit The Frog)
10. Morning Theft (Jeff Buckley)
11. Love Is Real (Bright Eyes)
12. No Woman, No Cry (Bob Marley And The Wailers)
13. Rocky Racoon (The Beatles)
14. I Melt With You (Modern English)
15. Piano Man (Billy Joel)
16. Good Old Fashioned Loverboy (Queen)
17. Superstition (Stevie Wonder)


Jason Mraz - Homemade (2003)
Quality/Rate: 192 Kbps Mp3 - 93 mb

Song title
01 - Jason Mraz - Best Seat In The House
02 - Jason Mraz - Burning Bridges
03 - Jason Mraz - Run Boy, Run
04 - Jason Mraz - One Find
05 - Jason Mraz - Wear Your Sign
06 - Jason Mraz - Strange
07 - Jason Mraz - Falling All Over The World
08 - Jason Mraz - Water
09 - Jason Mraz - Running
10 - Jason Mraz - Eyes Open (Remember My Name)
11 - Jason Mraz - Take Me Away
12 - Jason Mraz - God Moves Through You
13 - Jason Mraz - The Boy's Gone
14 - Jason Mraz - Stranger In The Sky (Make Believe)

Download here

Jason Mraz - Return of Jason Mraz

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Jason Mraz - Bonus Track

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I'm Yours (BAND)

Jason Mraz - Selections For Friends (2007)

1. Welcome to Schubas (Medley)
2. Did You Get My Message (Audience Rehearsal)(Live From Schubas)
3. Did You Get My Message (Live From Schubas)
4. Snakes in Schubas (Live From Schubas)
5. Childlike Wildlife (Live From Schubas)
6. Welcome to Saratoga - Older Lover Undercover
7. Sleeping to Dream (Live From Montalvo)
8. God Rests in Reason (Live From Montalvo)
9. Life Is Wonderful (Live From Montalvo)
10. Did You Get My Message (Live From Montalvo)
11. Please Don't Tell Her (Live From Montalvo)
12. Song for a Friend (Live From Montalvo)
13. 10,000 Motherfuckers (Live From Montalvo)
14. The Beauty in Ugly (Ugly Betty Version)


1. You And I Both
2. I’ll Do Anything
3. The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)
4. Who Needs Shelter
5. Curbside Prophet
6. Sleep All Day
7. Too Much Food
8. Absolutely Zero
9. On Love, In Sadness
10. No Stopping Us
11. The Boy’s Gone
12. Tonight, Not Again


Jason Mraz - Mr. A-Z

Life Is Wonderful
Geek In The Pink
Did You Get My Message?
Mr. Curiosity
Bella Luna
O. Lover
Please Don't Tell Her
The Forecast
Song For A Friend



Elliot Yamin - "Wide Open"

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Another Elliott Yamin track has leaked! Like the last one this is great! His sophomore album is NOT going to dissapoint! Enjoy!

Elliot Yamin - "Wide Open"



Mariah Carey - I Stay In Love (Maxi Single)

Main Pass
Brian Remix
Ralphi's Melodic Club Vox


Christina Aguilera - Keeps Gettin' Better (Maxi Single)

Aleko's Vitrola Club Mix
Aleko's Vitrola Radio Edit
Baggi Begovic & Soul Conspiracy Dub
Bimbo Jones Club Mix
Bimbo Jones Radio Edit
Booth Pimps Remix
Donni Hotwheel Extended Mix
Jason Nevins Club Mix
Jason Nevins Dirty Mix
Jason Nevins Radio Edit
Jody den Broeder Radio Edit
Jody den Broeder Super Club Mix
Jody den Broeder Trip Club Mix
Tom Neville's Club Mix
Tom Neville's Radio Edit
Tricky Remix

David Archuleta - Crush (Maxi Single)

01. Main Version 03:32
02. Blast Off Productions Remix 06:15
03. Blast Off Productions Radio Remix 04:00
04. Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Club Mix 07:42
05. Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Radio Edit 03:55
06. Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Dub 06:54
07. Jason Nevins Extended Mix 06:49
08. Jason Nevins Radio Edit 04:06
09. Jason Nevins Extended Instrumental 06:49
10. Jason Nevins Radio Instrumental 04:06
11. Tonal Club Mix 05:17
12. Tonal Radio Edit 04:12


PCD - I Hate This Part (Maxi Single)

Aleko's Club Vocal Mix
Aleko's Radio Edit
Aleko's Relentless Dub
Dave Aude Club Dub
Dave Aude Club Mix
Dave Aude Radio Edit
Digital Dog Club Mix
Digital Dog Dub
Digital Dog Radio Edit *REAL ONE* (thanks to TRA)
Karmatronics Club Mix
Karmatronics Dub
Karmatronics Radio Edit
Moto Blanco Club Mix
Moto Blanco Dub
Moto Blanco Radio Edit
Radio Edit


Almighty Club Mix
Almighty Dub
Almighty Instrumental
Almighty Radio Edit
Bimbo Jones Extended Mix
Bimbo Jones Radio Edit
Cornail Remix
Dazoo @ Night Remix
Dena Cucci PMS Mix
Disco Fries Mix
DJ Jany Extended Mix
DJ Jany Radio Edit
Innerpartysystem Remix
Jason Nevins Extended Mix
Jason Nevins Radio Edit
LS System Remix
Manhattan Clique Extended Mix
Manhattan Clique Radio Edit
Mia Moretti Mix
Rock Mix
Sam's Alternate Radio Edit
Sam's Warm Summer Edit
Sam's Warm Summer Mix
The American Dream Team Remix
The Perez Brothers Remix
Tim Dawes Remix


Christina Aguilera - What A Girl Wants

We're A Miracle
What A Girl Wants (Acapella Version)
What A Girl Wants (Acoustic Version)
What A Girl Wants (Album Version)
What A Girl Wants (Eddie Arroyo Down Tempo Mix)
What A Girl Wants (Eddie Arroyo Long Dance Mix)
What A Girl Wants (Radio Edit)
What A Girl Wants (Thunderpuss Dirrty Club Mix)
What A Girl Wants (Thunderpuss Fiesta Club Mix)
Maxi Single

JoJo - Too Little Too Late (Maxi)

Too Little Too Late (Album Version)
Too Little Too Late (DJ Laszlo Remix)
Too Little Too Late (DJ Rufato's Anthem Mix)
Too Little Too Late (Full Phat Remix)
Too Little Too Late (Josh Harris Club Mix)
Too Little Too Late (Josh Harris Dance Edit)
Too Little Too Late (Josh Harris Radio Mix)
Too Little Too Late (Orangefuzzz Spin-Off Mix)
Too Little Too Late (Shaun Hart Remix)
Maxi Single

Ashley Tisdale - He Said She Said

He Said She Said (Album Version)
He Said She Said (DJ Gomi's Main Vox)
He Said She Said (DJ Gomi's Radio Vox)
He Said She Said (Friscia & Lamboy's Club Mix)
He Said She Said (Friscia & Lamboy's Mixshow)
He Said She Said (Friscia & Lamboy's Radio Mix)
He Said She Said (Funky Junction & Antony Reale Club Mix)
He Said She Said (Funky Junction & Korovon Club Mix)
He Said She Said (Funky Junctionh & Antony Reale Radio Mix)
He Said She Said (Morgan Page Club Edit)
He Said She Said (Morgan Page Club Mix)
He Said She Said (Redtop Club Mix)
He Said She Said (Von Doom Club Remix)
He Said She Said (Von Doom Mixshow)
He Said She Said (Von Doom Radio Edit)
Maxi Single



1. Space Cowboy Mix
2. Glam As You Club Mix
3. LGG Vs. GLG Club Mix
4. Dave Aude Remix
5. Jody den Broeder Remix
Maxi Single 1

Poker Face (Album Version)
Poker Face (Dave Audé Club Dub)
Poker Face (Dave Audé Club Mix)
Poker Face (Dave Audé Radio Mix)
Poker Face (Radio Mix)
Maxi Single 2

P!nk - So What

So What (Abe Clements Remix)
So What (Album Version)
So What (Bimbo Jones Extended Radio Edit)
So What (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)
So What (Jamey's Edit)
So What (Tony Arzadon Reconstructed Mix)
So What (X-Mix)

BSB - The Call (Maxi Single)
Album Cut
Fragma Remix
Tom Novy Remix
Destiny Mix
Destiny Edit
Destiyn Dub
Neptunes Remix Ft. Clipse
Kruger Mix
Azza's BlackBeatnicks Club Mix
Azza's BlackBeatnicks Radio Edit

Maxi Single

BRANDY - MONICA : The Maxi Single

Album Version
Club Mix
Radio Edit With Intro
Instrumental Version

Download - Media Fire


Good Charlotte - Greatest Remixes

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01.Los Angeles World Wide (JNRSNCHZ Remix) 04:14
02.Anxiety 03:30
03.Broken Hearts Parade (Marshall Arts Remix feat.Philieano and Tab 03:49
04.Fight Song (Jay-E Remix feat. The Game) 02:42
05.Keep Your Hands Off My Girl (Dead Execs. Remix feat. Bubba Sparx 03:41
06.I Just Wanna Live (Teddy Riley Remix) 03:02
07.The Anthem (Million Mano Remix feat. Hollywood Holt) 05:20
08.All Black (The White Tie Affair Remix feat. Mat Devine of Kill H 03:40
09.Little Things (Patrick Stump Remix) 03:28
10.I Dont Wanna Be in Love (Dance 04:04
11.Predictable (Stress the Whiteboy) 02:46
12.Girls & Boys (Ed Banger Records) 02:39
13.The Young and The Hopeless (Remixed by Mr. Hahn) 04:45
14.Hold on (The Academy Is) 04:06
15.Where Would We Be Now (Troublemaker Remix) 03:5




Britney Spears - Circus Remix

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Britney Spears - Circus (Remixes)
Britney Spears - Circus (Matt Green Club Mix)
Britney Spears - Circus (DJ Fernando Prado Remix)
Britney Spears - Circus (DJ Adit Extended Mix)


Linkin Park - Road To Revolution-Live At Milton Keynes 2008

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1. One Step Closer 4:07
2. From The Inside 3:24
3. No More Sorrow 5:06
4. Given Up 3:15
5. Lying From You 3:19
6. Hands Held High 1:26
7. Leave Out All The Rest 3:23
8. Numb 3:46
9. The Little Things Give You Away 7:19
10. Breaking The Habit 4:24
11. Shadow Of The Day 4:17
12. Crawling 4:57
13. In The End 3:50
14. Pushing Me Away 3:18
15. What I've Done 5:01
16. Numb/Encore (with Jay-Z) 3:01
17. Jigga What/Faint (with Jay-Z) 5:10
18. Bleed It Out 8:15




Josiah Lemming - Angels Undercover

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Josiah Lemming was a contestant on the past season of American Idol. He didn't make it past Hollywood but American fell inlove with him! He recently released this EP and a full album is to follow in January. Enjoy!

1. Arctic Outcry Wind
2. Angels Undercover
3. Theysay
4. This Cigar
5. To Run


New Promo CD

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Insomnia (Promo CDS)
01. Insomnia (Radio Edit)
02. My First Love

If I Were A Boy (Promo CDS)
01. If I Were A Boy (Main Version)
02. If I Were A Boy (Instrumental)

Long Distance (Promo CDS)
01. Long Distance (Main Version)
02. Long Distance (Instrumental)
03. Long Distance (Accapella)

Right Now (Na Na Na) (Promo CDS)
01. Right Now (Na Na Na) (Dirty)
02. Right Now (Na Na Na) (Clean)
03. Right Now (Na Na Na) (Instrumental)

Rehab (Promo CDS)
01. Rehab (Radio Edit)
02. Rehab (Album Version)
03. Rehab (Instrumental)

Whatever U Like (Parody Remake) - 'Weird Al' Yankovic

Get Up (Promo CDS)
01. Get Up (Album Version)
02. Get Up (Super Clean)
03. Get Up (Dirty)
04. Get Up (Instrumental)


Coldplay - Prospekt's March - EP [Retail]C

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Coldplay - Prospekt's March - EP [Retail]
Here you have Coldplay's new EP "Prospekt's March", It will also be available in the
upcoming deluxe edition of "Viva la Vida", the EP includes new versions of some
tracks on "Viva La Vida", and 6 new songs from the same studio sessions, is a
great bonus for all the fans of Coldpaly,

Track List:
01. Life In Technicolor II
02. Postcards From Far Away
03. Glass Of Water
04. Rainy Day
05. Prospekt's March / Poppyfields
06. Lost+ (Jay-Z remix)
07. Lovers In Japan (Osaka Sun Mix)
08. Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground



Nightmare Revisited

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Yesterday a new Nightmare Before Christmas album was released. This album is all of the Nightmare songs covered by todays artists. Kinda like a Disneymania album.

1. Overture - DeVotchKa
2. Opening - Danny Elfman
3. This Is Halloween - Marilyn Manson
4. Jack's Lament - The All-American Rejects
5. Doctor Finkelstein/In the Forest - Amiina
6. What's This? - Flyleaf
7. Town Meeting Song - The Polyphonic Spree
8. Jack and Sally Montage - The Vitamin String Quartet
9. Jack's Obsession - Sparklehorse
10. Kidnap the Sandy Claws - Koßn
11. Making Christmas - Rise Against
12. Nabbed - Yoshida Brothers
13. Oogie Boogie's Song - Rodrigo y Gabriela
14. Sally's Song - Amy Lee
15. Christmas Eve Montage - Rjd2
16. Poor Jack - Plain White T's
17. To the Rescue - Datarock
18. Finale/Reprise - Shiny Toy Guns
19. Closing - Danny Elfman
20. End Title - The Album Leaf


New SIngle

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Waiting On The World To Change (Obama Mix)

Today a special version of John Mayer's song Waiting on the World to Change was released with parts of Obama's speach in it. It's VERY moving! Enjoy!


Feels Like The First Time

Daughtry is getting ready to release their sophomore album, however while it's getting finished they just re-released their first album. Here is the new track from the album. It's a cover of Foreigner's song "Feels Like The First Time." This song is hot!


I Ran (So Far Away)

FINALLY!! Some new Blake Lewis Music!! This is a HOT Dance Track!! This is going to be FIRE in the clubs! It's a cover. SO HOT! Enjoy!


The Bridge is Burning

Elliott Yamin is getting ready to release his sophomore album and this is believed to be the first single! This song is FIRE! SO HOT! Enjoy!


I Thought I Lost You

Thanks to an awesome friend of mine for buying me this track! If you use my rip PLEASE credit me. Enjoy!