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Waiting On The World To Change (Obama Mix)

Today a special version of John Mayer's song Waiting on the World to Change was released with parts of Obama's speach in it. It's VERY moving! Enjoy!


Feels Like The First Time

Daughtry is getting ready to release their sophomore album, however while it's getting finished they just re-released their first album. Here is the new track from the album. It's a cover of Foreigner's song "Feels Like The First Time." This song is hot!


I Ran (So Far Away)

FINALLY!! Some new Blake Lewis Music!! This is a HOT Dance Track!! This is going to be FIRE in the clubs! It's a cover. SO HOT! Enjoy!


The Bridge is Burning

Elliott Yamin is getting ready to release his sophomore album and this is believed to be the first single! This song is FIRE! SO HOT! Enjoy!


I Thought I Lost You

Thanks to an awesome friend of mine for buying me this track! If you use my rip PLEASE credit me. Enjoy!



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