Ken Hirai - 28th Single: "キャンバス/君はス・テ・キ♡"

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"キャンバス/君はス・テ・キ♡" is Hirai Ken's 28th single and first double A-side single. It is the lead-in release to Hirai's new album which releases on March 12th 2008. The main song is the ending theme to Fuji TV's Hachimitsu to Clover dorama based in a popular manga. It has been decribed as a pop-ballad and was written and composed by Hirai Ken himself and arranged by Tomita Keichi, just like Ring some years ago. The B-side Cry&Smile!! was used as the Knorr Cup Soup CM song.

Originally two versions of the single were planned for release, a limited edition with a bonus track (DFCL-1400) (presumably Canvas (piano version)) and a regular version (DFCL-1401), both costing ¥1,223; however closer to the release date the regular version was scrapped in favour all copies having the bonus track and being non-limited.

01. キャンバス, Canvas
02. 君はス・テ・キ♡, kimi wa
03. Cry&Smile!!
04. キャンバス(piano version), Canvas
05. キャンバス(Instrumental), Canvas
06. 君はス・テ・キ(Instrumental), kimi wa


credit: LuvYa@jpopsuki

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