Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel Eyes (Remixes)

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I Like Kelly, but this song us really awesome, better than any track from her,
this the another versions from Behind the Hazel Eyes.. Enjoy it

Ananyi's Hit Radio Mix
Ananyi's Indigo Dreamer Mix
Ananyi's Looking Deeper Mix

Ander Standing Nervous Edit
Ander Standing Nervous Mix

Beat Gangsta Remix
Bruno Bannanai Remix
BT Remix

Club Mix

Dark Wolf Cheeba Mix
Dark Wolf Club Mix
Dark Wolf Radio Mix

DJ MichaelAngelo's Extended Drama Mix
DJ MichaelAngelo's Drama Mix

DJ Nektor Remix
DJ Wolfy Remix
DJ Yoav Club Mix
DJ Yups Pink Eye Mix
Dropheadz Summer Mix

E Winter Radio Mix
Edson Pride Unreleased Mix
Extreme Remix

Freddy Hawk Remix

Hardbounce Remix

Harrington's Club Mix
Harrington's Dub Mix

Hypersnap Radio Edit
Hypersnap Remix

Joe Bermudez & Josh Harris Mixshow
Joe Bermudez & Josh Harris Remix
Joe Bermudez & Josh Harris Top 40 Radio Mix

Mynt Remix

N Traxx Remix

Orangefuzzz Eye Contact Radio Mix
Orangefuzzz Walnut Club Mix

Raindropz! Radio Mix
Raindropz! Remix

Robboz Remix

Schranz Bootleg Mix

Shpankdankerous Club Mix
Shpankdankerous Mixshow
Shpankdankerous Radio Mix
Shpank's Bounce House Club Mix
Shpank's Bounce House Radio Mix

Sir-Chen's Global Mixshow
Sir-Chen's Radio Mix

Solar Sun Anthem Club Mix
Solar Sun Anthem Radio Mix

Speedbreaker Remix

The Real Booty Babes Remix

Trypsin Club Mix
Trypsin Radio Mix

Verano Sample Mix

ZAX Richard X Mash

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