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Beyoncé - I Am...Sasha Fierce + Bonus Track

I Am...
1. If I Were A Boy
2. Halo
3. Disappear
4. Broken-Hearted Girl
5. Ave Maria
6. Satellites

Sasha Fierce
1. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
2. Radio
3. Diva
4. Sweet Dreams
5. Video Phone
6. Scared Of Lonely


Justin Timberlake - Magic

I swear, I just watched an interview with Justin saying that he had no interest in doing a third album at the moment, but then I found this song. I figured "Oh, it's a cover of that Robin Thicke song." Nope. "It's a new Timbaland collaboration." Nope, no Timbaland here. Instead, it's a brand new track. Or, a leak of a scrapped song. One of the two. It's pretty good.

Rihanna - Sexuality (HQ Clip)

Bitch, I'm Special

Christina Aguilera - A Decade Of Hits

I sense a theme emerging...

Before starting on her fourth album, Christina is releasing a greatest hits compliation to celebrate 2008 as her tenth year on the music scene. The first twelve tracks are her biggest hits, including the single mixes of "Come On Over" and "Candyman", her duet with Ricky Martin, and the smash compliation of "Lady Marmalade".

Also included are the new singles "Keeps Getting Better", "Dynamite", the new remixed first single titled "Genie 2.0", and a whole new arrangement of "Beautiful".

All files are in m4a iPod format.

1. Genie In A Bottle
2. What A Girl Wants
3. I Turn To You
4. Come On Over (All I Want Is You) (Single Mix)
5. Nobody Wants To Be Lonely ft. Ricky Martin
6. Lady Marmalade ft. Mya, Pink, L'il Kim, & Missy Elliott
7. Dirrty
8. Fighter
9. Beautiful
10. Ain’t No Other Man
11. Candyman (Single Mix)
12. Hurt
13. Genie 2.0
14. Keeps Getting Better
15. Dynamite
16. You Are What You Are (Beautiful)
Christina Aguilera - A Decade Of Hits (Chris Cox Megamix)
Finally! "Keeps Gettin' Better: A Decade Of Hits" came out today at Target, but here
we have a new mix by Chris Cox, he also did a Megamix for Britney Spears, so you
guys may like this one, the remix includes all her hit songs, I'm in love with the remix,
if you are a fan of Christina's music


01. Dirrty (Porl Young Mixshow)
02. Lady Marmalade (Thunderpuss Mixshow)
03. Ain't No Other Man (Shape Shifters Mixshow)
04. Beautiful (Peter Rauhofer Mixshow)
05. What A Girl Wants (Thunderpuss Fiesta Club Mix)
06. Hurt (Chris Cox Mixshow)
07. Chris Cox Megamix

Switchfoot - The Best Yet

Yes, yes; another greatest hits album. While not really well known, Switchfoot has released six albums in the past decade-plus, and have come out with some really really good songs. The best are featured on this set, mostly tracks from their last three albums, "The Beautiful Letdown", "Nothing Is Sound", and "Oh! Gravity.". The album also includes their track from the Chronicles Of Narnia soundtrack, "This Is Home".

All files are in m4a iPod format.

1. Dare You To Move
2. Meant To Live
3. Stars
4. Oh! Gravity
5. This Is Home
6. Learning To Breathe
7. Awakening
8. This Is Your Life
9. On Fire
10. Only Hope
11. Dirty Second Hands
12. Love Is The Movement
13. Company Car
14. Lonely Nation
15. The Shadow Proves The Sunshine
16. Concrete Girl
17. Twenty-Four
18. The Beautiful Letdown


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