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Usher Feat. Will.I.Am - What's Your Name [Promo CDS]
I'm confused about Usher's next single now, I already posted the promo cds
for "Trading Places", but "What's Your Name" it's been released too, maybe
both are promo singles, I really don't like any of these songs, so I hope they
are only for radio promotion, the CDS include Main & Instrumental.

DL: What's Your Name [Promo CDS]

Usher - Trading Places [Promo CDS]
Usher's third single is here, I never expected this track to be released as a
single, even my favorite track "Moving Mountains" didn't did a good job
on the charts, and this track is not strong enough for me, I guess he knows
what he needs to top the charts, the promo cds include Main & Instrumental.

DL: Trading Places [Promo CDS]

Usher - Moving Mountains [Promo CDS]
"Moving Mountains" is the second single released from the new album "Here I Stand",
produced by Tricky Stewart &The-Dream and also written by The-Dream, it's one
of the best tracks on the album, the song leaked the last year, so is not so new for
me, but I'm glad that he released this great track, the song should be a hit, the
promo CDS include Radio Edit,Album Version & Instrumental.


Usher - Forever Young + Revolver [Bonus Tracks/Retail]
Yes I know this tracks leaked long time ago, but they were web rips, and I
really don't like to post bad quality media, so here you have the retail
bonus tracks from the Japanese version of "Here I Stand", the tracks
names are "Revolver" & "Forever Young", both songs are cool, NJOY.


Nelly Feat. Usher - Long Night
One more track from "Brass Knuckles", the fifth studio album by Nelly,
this time he collaborated with Usher & Produced by James "JLack" Lackey,
it's a cool track, but I don't really know if this track could be a hit single,
so far this album sounds decent, is scheduled to be released on August 19.



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