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By now everyone knows who Ryan Tedder is. Lead singer of One Republic and master producer...half the songs being released these days he has had a hand in...but, do you remember him from before that? He was "discovered" on a show on MTV that Lance bass did it was called the "Freelance Contest" and he was the winner. I have put together a bunch of his Demo songs from his album that we never released. One have been remade by Clay Aiken and Ryan's version is 100X better! I named the album The Look because that was probably his most popular solo song! Enjoy!

1. Show Me
2. Day In The Life
3. Strong Enough
4. I Will Try
5. Back To Me
6. If This Is Love
7. On My Way Here
8. The Look


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  1. goldcoaster 22 Mei 2008 07.25
    Hi, do you happen to have a link to Clay Aiken singing Ryan Tedder's song? I gotta see that!

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