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David Cook- Time of my life
David Cook - Guitar Hero Commercial
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Here's a little treat for all you Cookies: just like Brooke White and others, David Cook also had a pre-Idol CD titled "Analog Heart". It's gritty and raw and I adore it. It shows off David's voice extremely well, and even though it was miserable in sales, it is huge right now.

Amazon took it off of their site, and it is selling huge on eBay; the lowest price I've seen is more than $150. Jawdropping. Amazing tracks include "Straight Ahead", "The Truth", "Searchlights", and "Silver".

All files are in m4a iPod format.

1. Straight Ahead
2. Don't Say A Word
3. Fall Back Into Me
4. The Truth
5. Searchlights
6. Porcelain
7. Stitches
8. Let Go
9. Makeover
10. Silver

Full Album " ANALOG HEART"

Credit:Inferno & Junk


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