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Busta Rhymes ft. Linkin Park: 'We Made It' [NEW SINGLE!]

Busta Rhymes is back with a new album and a brand new single titled 'We Made It,' which features Linkin Park doing the chorus to the single. It's an interesting mash-up but it's definitely a good song- so you should check it out. The single is likely to do well on the charts based on curiosity in the pairing- but not sure how well it will do in the long run, but we'll see. I think it won't do much on radio at all.

[LINK #1] Busta Rhymes ft. Linkin Park- 'We Made It'
[LINK #2] Busta Rhymes ft. Linkin Park- 'We Made It'

Fergie: 'Labels Or Love' [NEW SINGLE]

Fergie is re-releasing her multi-platinum album 'The Dutchess' with 5 new songs, and one of them is 'Labels Or Love' which is also the theme song of the new Sex & The City movie, as well as being on the soundtrack. It's the new single from the re-release and it's already being played on radio. This could be a massive hit for her- and hopefully she films a hot video for it- which she's talked about doing!

[LINK #1] Fergie- 'Labels Or Love'
[LINK #2] Fergie- 'Labels Or Love'

Nelly ft. Keith Urban: 'In God's Hands' [NEW SINGLE!]

Nelly Furtado has had quite the run with her last album 'Loose'- hit single, after hit single- major radio hits, and great digital single sales with a major selling album. It's not quite over yet it seems. 'In God's Hands' was re-done featuring Keith Urban, and is now available on iTunes to purchase. The song is supposedly a single- and it's definitely great whether it's the original or the new version- check it out for sure!

[LINK #1] Nelly Furtado ft. Keith Urban- 'In God's Hands'
[LINK #2] Nelly Furtado ft. Keith Urban- 'In God's Hands'


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