LInkin Park : Demo (1996 )

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Xero is a demo by Linkin Park, recorded under the name Xero. Xero was formed in 1996 by vocalist Mike Shinoda and guitarist Brad Delson. The band released a single self-titled demo tape featuring lead vocals by Mark Wakefield. The cassette generated little interest, however, and Wakefield soon after departed the group.

01. Rhinestone
02. Reading My Eyes
03. Fuse
04. Stick'n'Move
Xero (1996 demo tape)


After Chester Bennington replaced the departing Wakefield as lead vocalist, the band changed their name to Hybrid Theory and released a self-titled EP. The band eventually changed their name again, this time to Linkin Park.
Recorded and released in May 1999, it was their first record in chronological order. Before it, in 1996 the band only registered a demo tape entitled Xero.

1. Carousel
2. Technique (Short)
3. Step Up
4. And One
5. High Voltage
6. Part of Me (hidden instrumental track at 9:58)
Hybrid Theory (1999 EP)

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