American Idol Season 8 (2009)

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Episode 1: "Phoenix, Arizona Auditions"
Episode 1 (Indonesian Links)
Episode 2: "Kansas City, Missouri Auditions"
Episode 2 (Indonesian Links)
Episode 3: "San Francisco, California Auditions"
Episode 4: "Louisville, Kentucky Auditions" (New Episode)
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Mandisa - My Deliverer

American Idol Season Six contestant Sanjaya Malakar is getting ready to release a book and an EP album which was released today. Here is a song off it called "Tell Me Who I Am". Enjoy!!!!!

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Sanjaya Malaker - Tell Me Who I Am

Former season 7 contestants Brooke White and Michael Johns collaborated on a new song called "Life Is Okay" for the soundtrack of the document movie called "Don't Look Down" for snowboarder Shaun White. The soundtrack for the movie comes out next Tuesday, January 20th and will feature couple more songs from Michael Johns which includes the collaboration with Brooke White. So here is the duet he did with Brooke White for the soundtrack and the movie. The song sounds great. Enjoy!!!!

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Michael Johns & Brooke White - Life Is Okay
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Gina Glocksen was a contestant on the sixth season of American Idol. She is getting ready to release her debut album later this year. Here is the first single off it called "List Of Regrets" which is a great song to listen to. Enjoy!!!!!!!

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Gina Glocksen - "List Of Regrets"


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