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Jason Mraz - The E Minor EP in F (On Love, In Sadness)

Another rare Mraz gem. This little number was hard to find. Enjoy!

  1. You Make Me High
  2. On Love, In Sadness
  3. Dead End
  4. Galaxy
  5. The Darkest Space
  6. Love Is Real
Download: "The E Minor EP in F (On Love, In Sadness)"

Tristan Prettyman (feat. Jason Mraz) - Shy That Way

Some of your probably already know this, but Tristan Prettyman was at one time Jason Mraz's girlfriend. They dated for a while until they eventually broke up on Valentine's Day 2006. The song was featured on Prettyman's debut album "Twenty Three."
Download: "Shy That Way"

Jason Mraz - Silent Love Song

A song he recorded for "Fire Relief - A Benefit for the Victims of the 2007 for the San Diego Wildfires."

  1. Silent Love Song
Download: "Silent Love Song"

Jason Mraz - Homemade

Some VERY early work from Jason Mraz.
  1. Best Seat in the House
  2. Burning Bridges
  3. Run, Boy, Run!
  4. One Find
  5. Wear Your Sign
  6. Strange
  7. Falling All Over the World
  8. Water
  9. Running
  10. Eyes Open (Remember My Name)
  11. Take Me Away
  12. God Moves Through You
  13. The Boy's Gone
  14. Stranger in the Sky (Make Believe)
Download: "Homemade"

Jason Mraz - Rainbow Connection

Yes, it is a cover of Kermit the Frogs "Rainbow Connection" lol. This was featured on a CD called "Influences: Jason Mraz" that was available at Target for a limited time. The CD itself was just a compilation CD of some of his favorite songs from artists that influenced him, hence the names "Influences: Jason Mraz." Even though there was only one Mraz song on it, I had to have it!
  1. Rainbow Connection
Download: "Rainbow Connection"


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