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Hot Pink Delorean Remix
Hot Pink Delorean Remix Edit
Versatile House Mix
Versatile Trance Mix
Aleko Club Mix

Here are some samples that who knows if they're fake or official... anyway, make your own opinions...

There is a rumour that says that Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are going to do a duet on a hot new song called 'SEXY MAMA' for the 2009 New Album of Britney.
There is also a rumour that says that The Jonas Brothers are going to make a song called 'BEAT YOUR HEART' with Brit...
Who knows?... We have got to wait...

Up next the links for these files...

This_is_a_demo_instrumental_for_a_new_song_called_'Quicksand',_that_she's_maybe_gon'_sing_with_JT REALLY COOL SAMPLE!
This_is_an_unreleased_song_and_this_is_my_B_(4_sure!)... It's really gr8! Enjoy this one!

The next song is a cover of Eminem's song... but this girl isn't Britney, it's a girl from YouTube and her account's named `StillBelieve1´. Check it, it really seems to be Britney, but it's not: Listen_on_ZS!

This_is_the_sample_for_the_song_from_B_&_Xtina Enjoy it!... It's really cool!

Credits: BSITM (Files ripped and extracted from YouTube)


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