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Jason Mraz - Live at Prince of Wales Hotel

This live concert was recorded a little less then a week ago. It features his smash hit "I'm Yours" from his third studio album "We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things" and his first single "The Remedy" from his debut album "Waiting For My Rocket to Come" and many many more songs throughout the years.

  1. Intro
  2. The Remedy
  3. Intro to...
  4. Make It Mine
  5. Peg
  6. At Last
  7. Sleep All Day
  8. Live High
  9. Only Human
  10. Life is Wonderful
  11. 1000 Things
  12. Lucky
  13. Intro to...
  14. If It Kills Me
  15. Reggae Jam
  16. Dynamo of Volition
  17. I'm Yours
  18. Intro to...
  19. Plane
  20. No Stopping Us
  21. Butterfly
Download: "Live at Prince of Wales Hotel"

Jason Mraz - iTunes Live: London Sessions - EP

Like the Natasha Bedingfield iTunes Exclusive - EP, this little number was very hard to find. One thing I love about Jason Mraz is that his voice is not fake. What I mean by that is his voice never sounds produced on any of his records so when you hear him live he sounds just like does on the records. If your Jason fan then get this here, first!

  1. The Dynamo of Volition
  2. Life Is Wonderful
  3. Rocket Man
  4. Details in the Fabric (feat. James Morrison)
  5. Make It Mine
Download: "Jason Mraz iTunes Live: London Sessions - EP"

Jason Mraz - Extra Credit - EP

This extremely rare EP was used to "Thank You" for people who pre-ordered Jason Mraz's second studio album "Mr. A-Z." This EP includes the original version of the wildly popular "I'm Yours."

I'm Yours (Original Version)

Jason Mraz - We Steal Things. - EP

"We Steal Things." is Jason Mraz's third and final EP of the three EP collection used to promote his newest album, "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things." This EP was only released along with the new studio album through iTunes or his official website. This EP is somewhat different then the last two EP's. This one only features two acoustic songs from his new album and one acoustic unreleased song and one song performed live.

Jason Mraz - From the Cutting Room Floor

This little "mini-album" was a limited release along with one of his live albums "Live at Java Joes." This includes an alternate edited version of his song "You and I Both" off of his debut album "Waiting for my Rocket to Come."

  1. After and Afternoon
  2. Childlike Wildlife
  3. All That Lies
  4. Older Lover Undercover
  5. Water
  6. What We Want
  7. Sleeping to Dream
  8. You and I Both (Radio Mix)
Download: "From the Cutting Room Floor"

Jason Mraz - A Jason Mraz Demonstration

Released in 1999 way before his 2002 debut album "Waiting for my Rocket to Come" Jason Mraz released many mini-albums while he performed at Jave Joe's in California before even being discovered. With only one track off of this album "Sleep All Day" that was on "Waiting for my Rocket to Come" the rest are all unreleased songs. The album itself really showcases Mraz's early voice talents and its a wonder that he wasn't discovered way before 2002.

Some of my favorites are "Sleep All Day," "Sleeping to Dream," and "Little You & I."


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