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Evanescence - Fallen (Demos)

This is just like the album "Fallen" but the only difference is these are the demo versions. I have had these for quite a few years and there are some that I actually like more then the album versions.

(Note: The album cover was made by me. :)
  1. Going Under (Demo)
  2. Bring Me To Life (Demo 1)
  3. Bring Me To Life (Demo 2)
  4. Everybody's Fool (Demo 1)
  5. Everybody's Fool (Demo 2)
  6. My Immortal (Demo 1)
  7. My Immortal (Demo 2)
  8. Haunted (Demo 1)
  9. Haunted (Demo 2)
  10. Tourniquet (Demo 1)
  11. Tourniquet (Demo 2)
  12. Tourniquet (Demo 3)
  13. Imaginary (Demo 1)
  14. Imaginary (Demo 2)
  15. Imaginary (Demo 3)
  16. Taking Over Me (Demo 1)
  17. Taking Over Me (Demo 2)
  18. Hello (Demo)
  19. My Last Breath (Demo)
  20. Whisper (Demo)
Download: "Fallen (Demos)"

Evanescence - Fallen (Instrumental)

Again, just like the "Fallen" album but the only difference is there is no Amy Lee singing.

  1. Going Under
  2. Bring Me To Life
  3. Everybody's Fool
  4. My Immortal
  5. Haunted
  6. Tourniquet
  7. Imaginary
  8. Taking Over Me
  9. Hello
  10. My Last Breath
  11. Whisper
Download: "Fallen (Instrumental)"

Evanescence - Bring Me to Life - Single

This is the lead single off of Evanescence's debut album "Fallen." The Album Version of "Bring Me to Life" features the vocals of Paul McCoy and the Bliss Mix version is what the original song was suppose to be before McCoy's vocals were added later on. The single also features the songs "Farther Away" and "Missing" which were both eventually cut from "Fallen" ("Missing" was eventually put on the bands live CD "Anywhere But Home.")

Missing (Album Version)

Evanescence - Going Under - Single

"Going Under" is the second single from Evanescence's debut album "Fallen." The single features two acoustic songs one being "Going Under" and a cover Nirvana's song "Heart-Shaped Box."

Heart-Shaped Box (Acoustic)

Evanescence - My Immortal - Single

"My Immortal" was the third single off of Evanescence's debut album "Fallen." This unique single features a brand new recorded version of the song that was released to radio stations instead of the slower more monotone album version. It also features a live performance of the song as well as a live version recorded at AOL sessions of "Haunted."

Evanescence - Everybody's Fool - Single

"Everybody's Fool" was the fourth and final single from Evanescence's debut album "Fallen." This single is the only single to feature an instrumental version of the song. It also features two live performances from Cologne.


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