American Idol Top 5 Studio Recording

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American Idol - Top 5 (Studio Recordings)
et another week of AI goes by and it's getting even closer to the finale. Tuesday night the contestants were mentored by Neil Diamond and were also given the chance to sing his songs. It was a pretty good night were the contestants performed two songs each, but only did one Studio Recording same as last year. (Spolier) Eliminated this week was Brooke White who I love but had it coming for sometime now. I think it's going to be a all male Top 3 this year. Tune in every week Tuesday 8/7c & Wednesday 9/8c, Enjoy!

1. Brooke White - I Am...I Said
2. David Archuleta - Sweet Caroline
3. David Cook - I'm Alive
4. Jason Castro - Forever In Blue Jeans
5. Syesha Mercado - Hello Again

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Here's single part from the idol:

Jason Castro - Forever In Blue Jeans:
David Cook - I'm Alive:
Brooke White - I Am...I Said:
David Archuleta - Sweet Caroline:
Syesha Mercado - Hello Again:


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