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Hypo Espresso proudly presents it’s 2nd release: ” Chillpresso1- dari bali ” . dari bali meaning ‘ from Bali’ in Indonesian, this stunning lounge compilation oozes tropical atmospheres, sun-dripping vibes and organic grooves from its 10 high-quality original tracks. The multi-colored flavors of Exotica/Jazz /Ethnic / Funk / Drumn Bass / Downbeat and Dub, even a Waltz thrown into the stew.

And all cooked up by a cast of artists and collaborators from all walks of the musical world, pioneering artists like System 7, Youth and Ian Ion, vocals from UK dub MC Brother Culture, dutchsinger Lex Empress and Supercozi. Also plenty of real instrumens such as Violins, flutes, gamelans, funkin bass, jamaican toasters, trumpets and the sounds of local Balinese celebrations all served up white hot and chill. This album, much of it created in Bali and done so with visitors from all over the world as well as local talent, has become a very personal ’soundtrack to our island life’ Enjoy!!!

01. Supercozi Feat Lex Empress - Waltz On The Dusk Sand [05:19]
02. System 7 Vs Zen Lemonade - Chill Dome Refugees [07:32]
03. Blue Planet Corporation - Hardcore Buddhist [05:55]
04. Zen Lemonade - Sun Chaser [06:34]
05. Zen Lemonade Vs Jules Evans Feat Rio Sidik - Catalyzer [06:55]
06. Brother Culture - Got To Get Ready (Gus Till & & Youth [07:02]
07. Gus Till - Red Sun Dub [06:39]
08. Supercozi - Lday Mint Tea [04:54]
09. Lonizer - I Need Sunshine (Gus Till Remix) [08:00]
10. Jong - Aurora [10:16]


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